February 7, 2024

Visit to EAA 67

President Jane Craney Weaver and Vice President Tim Porter took the Indianapolis Aero Club on the road to Noblesville’s EAA chapter 67 last Monday evening. There, they met an enthusiastic group of all ages, and our officers noted the youthful nature of the chapter’s members.

Many of us remember teachers who were also some of our first mentors. Mentorship is why so many youthful faces populate EAA 67 in Noblesville. One of their teachers is also an ardent pilot who shares her experiences with her students. It’s good to know that there are still mentors willing to give of themselves for the betterment of others.

Many aviation organizations are in the Indy area, but we are not talking to each other. That’s why our officers took the club on the road; we want the IAC to become the FRONT PORCH of aviation in Central Indiana. Let’s get to know each other.

The Indy Aero Club renaissance is a team effort. We also want to recognize Board member Fred Fritz, who got us invited to the EAA Chapter 67 meeting, and our esteemed treasurer Ken Yale, who supported the club’s outreach efforts by attending the meeting.