February 27, 2010

2010 Fly-In Events for greater central Indiana

April 13 – 18 Sun ‘N’ Fun Fly-In, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (LAL), Lakeland, FL

April 16 - 18 Doolittle Raid Reunion, USAF Museum, Dayton, OH http://www.airforcemuseum.com/

April 17 Purdue University Fly-In, Lafayette Airport (LAF), Lafayette, IN

May 2 Fly-In Breakfast, Moraine Airport (I73), Dayton, OH

May 15 Sporty’s Fly-In, 9 – 2 pm, Batavia, Clermont Airport (I69), Batavia, OH

June 5 Fly-In Breakfast, Noblesville Airport, (I80)  9 – noon, Noblesville, IN

June 12 & 13 Indpls Air Show, Mt. Comfort Airport (MQJ), Indianapolis, IN

June 17 & 18 Dayton Air Show, Dayton Int’l Airport (DAY), Dayton, OH

June 20 Mishawaka Pilot’s Club Fathers Day Breakfast, Elkhart, IN.

June 25-27 Annual Gathering at Frasca Field, Urbana, IL

June 26 Wings, Wheels & Cruse-In, Fly-In Breakfast, Sheridan Airport (5I4), Sheridan, IN

June 26 Midwest Taildragger Fly-In, Post Air Airport (7L8), Indianapolis, IN

June 26 – 27 WACO AM Fly-In, Mount Vernon (Wynkoop) Airport (6G4), Wynkoop, OH.

July 26 – August 1 Oshkosh Fly-In, Wittman Regional Airport (OSH), Oshkosh, WI

August 7 – 8 Michiana Fly-In, Plymouth, IN

August 28 Down’s Syndrome Fly-In, Executive Airport (TYQ), Indianapolis, IN

September 4 Fly-In / Cruse-In, Marion Mun. Airport (MZZ), Marion, IN

September 10 - 12 EAA Sport Fly-In, Falls of Rough, KY

September 11 - 12 Mid - Eastern Regional Fly-In, Grimes Field (I74), Urbana, OH

September 25 Taildragger Fly-In, Lee Bottom Airport (64I), Hanover, IN

October 10 Hog Roast, Noblesville Airport (I80) 9 - noon, Noblesville, IN

Greenwood Airport Fly – In, Sometime late summer, no date set,

Greenwood Airport (HFY), Greenwood, IN

Also check: www.eaa.org/calendar

By: Don Born

February 25, 2010

Distance learning

Distance learning: "When I think of distance learning it's the internet that comes to mind. I'm sure there must be some Open University stuff on TV these days, but I never seem to stumble across it, or its seventies style lecturers.

So what's this? This DC-6 was operated by Purdue University, it took off, lowered its TV transmission antenna and loitered while broadcasting educational programs.

I'm told the crew had access to parachutes, just in case the antenna failed to retract for landing!

There's a great Popular Mecahnics article from January 1961 here.

February 23, 2010

Redi Strip Indy

Aircraft Restoration

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Redi Strip has helped the US Military refurbish parts from the B1 bomber to wing-mounted rocket launch rails used on America’s front line fighters.  We have helped vintage restorers of Aeroncas, Cubs, Cessnas, Mooneys and most experimental aircraft. We can chemically strip the paint from the sheet metal in a aluminum safe stripping bath and we can fine media blast steel parts such as the fuselage frame,wing struts,engine mounts and other 4130 steel components.

Redi Strip was started by a couple of pilots who met at a grassroots airport in Southern Indiana. Over the years, collectively, they have owned and maintained 19 different aircraft.  Parter, General Manager Boyd Birchler is a 5500 hour pilot/A&P/IA.  Partner Joe Ewing is a 2500 hour pilot and is a 2 time runner up and 2 time NMCA National Drag Racing USA Overall Champion.

Phone & Fax  P: (317) 545-2088      f: (317) 545-2090

eMail  info@redistripindy.com

Redi Strip Indy is located at

4020 Millersville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46205

3 miles North of Interstate 70

February 11, 2010


The Indianapolis Aero Club has lost one of it’s most faithful members. Rolland “Tack” Nail died this week following surgery to help him swallow. Tack was President of The Indianapolis Aero Club for the years 1987 and 1988. He was an avid and active pilot until vision problems forced him to quit in his early 80s.

Tack’s standard greeting “It’s not my fault, I didn’t do it and I’m not going to do it again” always came with a laugh. Not known to ever speak poorly of anyone, it was always “great guy” or “great gal”. And he always had a smile even when he didn’t feel like it.

Rolland “Tack” Nail will be long and fondly remembered by officers and members of the Indianapolis Aero Club.