December 23, 2009

January 2010 - Meeting Announcement

December 2009 - Meeting Summary

We didn't have a speaker.  We didn't have a business meeting.  We DID have a good time!  While Dave Graf entertained us at the piano we enjoyed each others company, shared holiday plans, and told stories about our loneliest Christmas - to honor those serving our country away from home this Holiday Season. 

Silver Certificates were handed out to 39 people/couples to commemorate and thank them for their loyal service to the Indianapolis Aero Club for the past 25 years (or more). 

Thank you to those who contributed to the Food Pantry once again.  This year there was a tremendous need and thanks to your generosity we were able to do our part. 


The Indianapolis AERO Club will be awarding one EAA aviation camp scholarship for the summer of 2010. The EAA Air Academy sponsored camp will be held in two sessions (July 20-28, 2010 and July 30-Aug10, 2010) at Oshkosh, WI., which overlap the world’s largest fly-in, the annual Oshkosh EAA “Airventure”. This scholarship includes all food and lodging costs of the aviation camp. Transportation to and from the camp is the responsibility of the winning candidate’s parents.
At camp the winning candidate can expect to learn:

  • Fundamentals of flight
  • Flight controls and systems
  • Navigation and weather
  • Flight training requirements
  • Aircraft construction basics
  • Hands-on techniques of builders
  • Flight history
  • Fly simulators
  • Visit the EAA museum
The candidate may possibly even fly with an instructor.
Candidates must be 16-18 years old during the 2010 summer. The candidate should not have attended the aviation camp in any prior year. He or she must be in good health. The winning candidate will be selected based on three selection criteria:
  1. Interest and existing experience in the field of aviation,
  2. Recommendations from teachers, clergy, EAA members, etc.,
  3. School course grades for the Aug-Dec 2009 semester and overall GPA.
Interested candidates should fill out the attached application form, be sure to include
  1. A 1-2 page letter describing your background and interest in aviation,
  2. At least two letters of recommendation (no family member references please),
  3. Scholastic grade information.

Mail the requested information to:
               James L. Bettner
5990 North County Road 550
Pittsboro, In 46167

If the candidate has any questions, please Email me at
The deadline for receiving applications is April 1, 2010. Good luck and happy flying.

Indianapolis AERO Club
2010 EAA Aviation Camp Application Form

Name_____________________________ Date of Birth______________________

Address__________________________________________ Sex__________

City__________________________ State__________ Zip____________________

School__________________________________________ Grade Level_______

Home Phone____________________ Email Address______________________

Please enclose the following:

  1. Completed application with applicant and parent signatures,

  2. Letter-stating aviation interest and experience and career goals,

  3. Letters of recommendation-at least two from teachers, clergy, flight instructors, EAA members, etc,

Please provide course and grade information for Aug-Dec 2009 school semester.

Course Grade
1.______________ ___________________
2. ______________ ___________________
3._______________ ___________________
4._______________ ___________________
5._______________ ___________________
6_______________ ___________________

Over all GPA ____________
Parent Information

“I understand and have completed all requirements to be considered for an aviation camp scholarship”.
Candidate__________________________________ Date_____________________

“We give our son/daughter permission to attend the EAA Aviation camp. Also, we understand the cost of the camp includes food and lodging, but not transportation to and from the camp, which we, as parents, will provide.”
Parent/guardian_______________________________ Date___________________
The deadline for receiving the applications is April 1, 2010.

December 19, 2009

Aviation "television" with ASB.TV

Aviation "television" with ASB.TV: "

Every once in a while something new comes along that makes you sit back and say 'wow!' This is one of those times. With ASB.TV, you get a wide variety of aviation content in a user interface that is like no other I have seen.

First, the content: ASB.TV has a collection of videos that are stunning. This is not low quality amateur stuff - these videos and animations are professional grade in both production quality and subject matter. You'll find airshow and air racing video, historic movies, animations, and more. Here's an example:

The videos are compelling and by themselves could be reason enough for an entire website. But, as they say, there's more. ASB.TV also has photographs, a forum, and a store where you can purchase merchandise. There's lots to see and do here.

Now for the user experience: This site lives within something they developed called Black Box, which is pretty unique. Think of a box or a cube with six sides. By navigating to the right or left, or up or down, you expose different sides of the box which then become your desktop. Within a side of the box, you can have a number panels that hold the content, be it a video player, the forum, or anything else, and these can be rearranged or resized to suit your need. I think of it as little worlds of content that you customize as you go along.

Black Box runs on top of Adobe Air, the same thing powering TweetDeck and other applications. If you don't have it yet, you will after the installation process. That process also involves installing the ASB application on your computer. Now, I know what you're thinking. I also resist installing 'stuff' that just clutters up my PC. Well, this is different. Just do it and you'll see why.

So just who is ASB? Well ASB is Air Show Buzz. They were founded in 2006 to 'deliver the exhilarating aviation lifestyle to millions of consumers worldwide by providing top flight content, thrilling live events, consumer products, social networking and a community that connects a worldwide shared passion for flight and a fearless approach towards life.' Talk about a high bar! Well, I'd say they're rockin' so far.

ASB's tag line is 'Escape Life's Gravity' and they offer a portfolio of branded businesses beyond ASB.TV: animated and live-action film and television entertainment, The Horsemen acrobatic fleet, and lifestyle branded merchandise. ASB also offers innovative branding and marketing for air shows and top-rated performers.

So go get set up with ASB's Black Box application and I guarantee you'll spend some quality aviation time with their content.


December 17, 2009

Metro Airport stays put

Updated: Dec 17, 2009 7:09 PM EST
Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News
Hamilton County - After four years, the Indianapolis Airport Authority is pulling the plug on a plan for Fishers to relocate Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport. It's a major economic disappointment for the town that hoped Metro's prime acreage would attract a billion dollars in re-development.
Rejected by Noblesville and vigorously opposed by Madison County, Fishers spent four years and $150,000 on a feasibility study in an effort to relocate and expand Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport. But on Thursday, the town said that that effort is over.
"I think we looked at it as an opportunity that would have been great had it come to fruition. I think it's something you have to accept as the way things are given the current economic state of affairs," said Dan Henke, Fishers Town Council.
Built in 1967 and owned by the Indianapolis Airport Authority, Metro is considered a reliever airport for Indianapolis International, used mostly by pilots of small single engine planes. The airport authority agreed to move Metro if Fishers could find a suitable new site. The last best hope was 4,000 acres in southwest Madison County, a plan that ran afoul of property owners who formed a group called the No Fly Zone.
"What we need there is a good, economic, tax paying base for all of Madison county and this would not have been it," said Susan Campbell, a member of No Fly Zone.
While it's a victory for opponents, it's a disappointment for Fishers, which envisioned a billion dollars' worth of development on its last, prime piece of real estate.
Fishers says the 445-acre development would have generated millions of dollars in taxes. But with the airport authority now saying that the time has passed, Metro will stay where it is, as it is.
The airport authority meets Friday and will likely reverse a four-year-old agreement with Fishers to move Metro.

December 1, 2009

The Magazine, by

The Magazine, by "

The Magazine, by, is now available for downloading. The Magazine features articles and photos about air shows, pilots, military veterans and more. Your free downloadable copy is waiting for you in a .pdf format. Please use Acrobat 7 or later, which is required.

The Premier December issue features: The Best Air Show in 2009 award, from our staff of professionals who attended North American Air Shows in 2009, The Blue Angels, Viper North's Mig-17 UTI and lots of photos from air shows. Enjoy our first of many issues.

November 26, 2009

Aviation Clubs

  • Aero Club of B.C. 
  • Aero Club of New England  America's oldest aeronautical club is dedicated to the celebration of aviation.  It promotes aviation education in schools, provides a scholarship program keeps abreast of aviation-related legislation, and holds meetings with addresses by leaders in aviation.
  • Aero Club of Southern California  Dedicated to the advancement of aviation and aerospace and to honor their outstanding contributors.  Membership in ACSC is open to everyone who has an interest in aviation and space: history, air and space technology, new developments, education, research, manufacturing, military flying, general aviation, commercial air transport and every other aspect of flight.
  • Aero Club of Southern Tasmania  Host of the World Powered Parachute Championship each year in Greenville, Illinois, USA.
  • The Aviation Club of the UK  Founded with the express aim of providing a forum for discussions on, and to promote the interests of, all aspects of civil aviation.  Membership of the Club is on an individual basis only, and is open to those having a professional interest in the advancement and development of the civil aviation industry.
  • Aviation Society of Antwerp  A Belgian organisation for aviation enthousiasts.  Anyone who is interested in aviation in general and the Belgian aviation scene in particular is welcomed as a member.
  • The New York Pilots Group  This social group for all metro New York area pilots meets for fly-ins, safety seminars, lunches, and more.  No membership fees.
  • Oxfordshire Aviation Group  Regular monthly meetings in Didcot, Oxfordshire,UK, often with a guest speaker, always with a warm welcome to like-minded individuals.
  • Scottish Aero Club 
  • Silver Wings Fraternity  You are invited to join this social, non-profit, and non-political organization if you logged a solo flight in a powered aircraft at least 25 years ago.  There are a number of local chapters around the U.S.  Silver Wings Over Washington is the official weblog of the Washington, DC Chapter.
  • The Wings Club  A mid-Manhattan club for aerospace and aviation professionals.
  • Aeroclub Webring  List of aeroclubs in the world, detailed by country and by activity.
  •  This club support site for provides an index of nonprofit flying clubs with web sites.
  • Cebu Sport Parachute Club, Inc.  The personal website of a skydiving enthusiast from the Philippines who understands design.
  • The Classic Jet Aircraft Association The members of the CJAA own, fly, and restore classic jets, and furthers classic jet operations by providing member meetings, swaying government legislation, providing voluntary guidelines, and assisting jet owners.
  • Duke of Brabant Air Force Homepage The DBAF operates warbirds from Eindhoven, NL.  Flagship is a B25 Mitchell.  Dedicated to purchase, maintenance, management, financing and operation of aircraft of historical value.
  • Exeter Airport X-Air Society  An Exeter International Airport enthusiasts club with monthly meetings and magazine, slide and photo shows, links to other airport enthusiast sites.
  • High Peak Model Aero Club Club for anyone interested in flying model planes or helicopters, especially in the Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire Areas of the UK.
  • Lake Ozark Radio Control Society Remote controlled flying, pictures, comments, and related tips.  Located in Eldon Missouri.
  • Lancashire Aero Club - Barton Aerodrome  The Lancashire Aero Club is the oldest established flying school in the U.K.
  • Mid Island Pilots Club  Founded in 1996 to provide a venue for pilots in the central Long Island area to meet and organize events and programs related to general aviation.  Monthly meetings and programs, regular trips all over the Northeast, visits to local air traffic control facilities, a monthly newsletter, safety programs and social activities.
  • Ohio Valley Aviation Club In Henderson, KY.
  • Phillip Island Aeroclub Australian club with online newsletter, discussion forum, for sale, membership form.
  • Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association Association of aerial combat veterans who avow patriotism and the defense of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Ulster Aviation Society Homepage Homepage of the Ulster Aviation Society, a group of enthusiasts in Northern Ireland almost 500 strong.  Activities, events, links.
  • U.S. Association of Flying Clubs  Formed to strengthen the community of pilots flying in organized clubs throughout North America.

November 10, 2009

November 2009 - Meeting Announcement

Ocotober 2009 - Meeting News

Lt. Col. Todd Lovell with Sam Lazerov. Todd, now Avionics Department Manager for Raytheon Avionics served 21 years on active duty in the U. S. Air Force. His last assignment was commander of the first Osprey squadron. His presentation was rather informal, very informative and very interesting. The questions and answers would have gone on all night if our leader had not put an end to it. A great meeting, Todd! Thank you so much.

Dick Egan (on the left) put together the slate of officers and board members for the next couple of years. You will see a lot of Doug Wagner (on the right) because he will be our president beginning the first of the year. Doug is an experienced meeting manager, having been associated with the Scientech Club for many years.

Roger Bishop (on the left) will be our new Vice President. Roger is with Channel 13 and is the General Manager of the Indianapolis Air Show. He has a wealth of
new and great ideas to help re-invigorate the Indianapolis Aero Club. On Roger’s left is Mike Souders and his wife Debbie. Mike is working with Sam Lazerov developing meeting plans. We are hearing rumors about a full year meeting calendar.

New member, Don Alsop came with Bill King. Don was an Aero Club
member in the past and attended when he was not in China or Canada or Oklahoma or some other exotic destination. It will be good to have him back.

October 31, 2009

USS Indianapolis Radio Room

As one of my hobbies, I help with emergency communications at several local events such as marathons, 500 Festival Parade, etc. I am a ham, and my call is KC9MTL.

One of the local radio clubs I belong to is the oldest in the country, established and meeting continuously since 1914. A group of members of this club have recreated, as close as they can, the radio room of the USS Indianapolis. It has been a labor of love for the folks involved in putting the project together. There have been donations of equipment from all over the United States. Once people found out the needs, it has been amazing to see the kindness people have shown. One transmitter donated was still in the original oak crate from the 1940s, never opened or used. It was in absolute mint condition. Another donated piece of equipment weighing 800 or so pounds was shipped across country at no charge. Check out the website to see pictures of this fabulous project.

The open house to unveil this newest permanent exhibit at the Indiana War Memorial is November 7th. Anyone in the downtown Indianapolis area are invited to stop by from 2-5 p.m. This is a wonderful tribute to the men of the USS Indy, both the survivors and the the ones who died at sea. If you want to learn more of the story of what has been called the worst naval disaster in US history, the book In Harm’s Way by Doug Stanton is a riveting chronicle of what the men endured. I am reading it now, and it is well worth your time.

September 23, 2009

July 6, 2009

Harry C Block JR

From the
Indianapolis Star

Block, Harry C. Jr.,
July 6, 2009
Harry C. Block Jr. Harry was born in Indianapolis, IN on November 10, 1916 to Mabel S. and Harry C. Block, Sr. who preceded him in death. He peacefully passed away on Saturday, July 4th, surrounded by his wife of 51 years, Tirzah Blackard Block, his daughter, Barbara Austin, his loving son-in-law Jim Austin, and granddaughters, Lexi and Claire. Harry, known as Harry Jr, HCB, Brud, Daddy, Dad and Papa, had lived many chapters in his life. He grew up primarily in Indianapolis, but enjoyed time in Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill he'd tell you), Culver Military Academy, Miami Beach (he always debated as to whether he should have accepted the journalist job with the Miami Herald), and back to Indianapolis, where he remained a lifelong resident. He was a veteran of WWII. His life was enriched by family, friends, and acquaintances from his youth, the Culver years, Block's department store, Block's Bicycle Shop, years of collecting aviation history, Indy Aero Club, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and his church. He lived his life with passion, commitment and devotion to the people and activities that he enjoyed. While he took great pride in his world class aviation collection and Indy 500 memorabilia, what really mattered to him was family. The grandson of department store founder William H. Block, he was the Block family historian preserving and passing down stories, photos and traditions. On any given day you could find him lunching downtown with a circle of buddies, cheering at his granddaughters' dance or school activities, or just shooting the breeze and reminiscing about the good old days with anyone who would listen. And while everyone knew Harry through different channels, they were all in agreement that he was one of a kind! The last two years of his life were a courageous and amazing attempt to defeat the health battle of his life. The family expresses sincere gratitude and appreciation to the healthcare team who supported him, including Nurse Jeannette and Aid Monica, Drs. Harris, Shirrell, Lee, and Rouch, Hospice Nurses Tracie and Jeannette and Hospice Aids LaDonna and LaRita, and care giving angel Kim. In addition to his wife Tirzah and daughter Barbara and her family, survivors include daughters Wendy E. Hiltz (Bob), San Luis Obispo, CA, and Debby McCombs (Herman), Kokomo, IN, 5 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, nieces and nephews. There will be a celebration of life to pay tribute to this self-proclaimed iconoclast. Please join the family in honoring Harry on Wednesday, July 8th at the Sterrett Center, at Ft. Harrison, 8950 Otis Ave. Beginning at 12 noon, the family will welcome guests. The service will begin at 2:00 p.m. For better, for worse, in sickness and in health, Harry's ultimate desire was for Tirzah to be cared for. To honor his wishes in lieu of flowers, the family has established the Tirzah B. Block Alzheimer's Long Term Care Fund. Contributions can be made to this fund at any Chase Bank location. Arrangements have been entrusted to Shirley Brothers Mortuary.

Other Stories about Harry:

The Harry C Block Collection:


June 28, 2009

May 20, 2009


Famed Tuskegee Airmen to be honored; Three-Volley Salute added to solemn ceremonies

INDIANAPOLIS, Wednesday, May 20, 2009 - The Indianapolis Motor Speedway will continue its longstanding tradition of honoring America's military veterans during the pre-race ceremonies for the Indianapolis 500 with an expanded variety of tributes, including special recognition of a unique group of American heroes and a dramatic flyover.

Pre-race ceremonies for the Indianapolis 500 are scheduled to start at noon (ET) Sunday, May 24, with "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" starting at 1 p.m.

Among the veterans of America's armed forces to be honored will be nine members of the famed Tuskegee Airmen.

The Tuskegee Airmen enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II to become America's first African-American military airmen. They trained at the Tuskegee Army Air Field in Tuskegee, Ala., and compiled an exemplary record in combat service despite numerous acts of bigotry and racism committed against them at home and overseas.

From 1941-46, 994 African-American pilots trained for combat at the Tuskegee Army Air Field. Hundreds more trained at other bases to serve as navigators, bombardiers and gunnery crews during the worldwide war effort.

Members of the Tuskegee Airmen who will be on hand to be honored on Race Day: Lt. Col. James H. Harvey III, Master Sgt. Buford Johnson, Master Sgt. James A. Sheppard, Technical Sgt. George Watson Sr., Lt. Colonel Spann Watson, Second Lt. William M. "Bill" Wheeler, Sgt. Arthur Carter, 1st Sgt. Harry Leavell and Lt. Quentin Smith. Faye McDaniel will represent her late husband, Lt. Col. Armour McDaniel, during the ceremonies.

Another highlight of pre-race ceremonies will be a special flyover of two vintage B-25 Mitchell bombers to honor Disabled American Veterans, the non-profit organization dedicated to helping wounded veterans. The B-25s, named Special Delivery and Take Off Time, are fully restored, World War II-era aircraft. These warbirds will twice pass over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the national anthem before the beginning of the race.

A new military tribute also has been added to pre-race ceremonies, a Three-Volley Salute. A 10-member firing detail from the Indiana National Guard will execute the military Three-Volley Salute. The members of the Indiana National Guard participating in the Three-Volley Salute are MSG Tony Williams, SGT James Byers, SSG Bruce Bennett, SSG Gary Hatcher, SSG Jerry James and SPC Johnny Everett (Indianapolis), SGT James Vester (Avon), SFC Curtis Pigg (Veedersburg), SGT Charles Henry (Madison) and SPC Craig Cambron (Carmel).

Other patriotic elements paying tribute to America's military during pre-race ceremonies include:

*Parade laps honoring 35 American Wounded Warriors.

*"America the Beautiful" performed by Miss America 2009 Katie Stam, from Indiana

*Speech by U.S. Air Force Gen. Craig McKinley, Chief, National Guard Bureau.

*"God Bless America" performed by Florence Henderson

*"Star Spangled Banner" performed by Major Lisa Kopczynski, Indiana National Guard

*"Taps," performed by a single bugler, Sgt. Joseph Young, National Guard

May 7, 2009

May 2009 - Meeting Announcement

You can find Charles' list of accomplishments on his profile at Purdue University:  Click Here.

April 2009 - Meeting Report

January 9, 2009