August 23, 2010

The B-25 Heart

Our picnic on August 10th yielded a number of wonderful stories and experiences.  I invited my friend, Alan, that shares a love for aviation history to the picnic. Alan and I used to work at Thomson together.  He pulled this lovely trinket out of his pocket and proceeded to tell me the story behind it.  I asked him to write up the story in his own words.  Here's the photo I took - and Alan's story:

    Sometime in late 1943 a B-25 Mitchell bomber was severely shot up over Papua New Guinea.  The crew managed to get her back to the airstrip outside Buna but she never flew again. Towed to a spot alongside the runway she became a parts supply to keep the other B-25s flying.

     In early 1944 Theodore (Ted) Francoeur was at a field hospital next to the airstrip near Buna waiting to be evacuated back home. He had spent the year before with the 32nd Infantry Division, along with an Australian division, crossing the Owen Stanley Mountains on foot from Port Moresby to drive the Japanese out of Buna. That effort took the better part of a year and when it was over only 3,700 of the 15,000 men in the 32nd were left standing. Ted was at the field hospital recovering from starvation, malaria, dysentery, and a number of other jungle related ailments.

     To pass the time he did what many of the other men in the hospital did, they made little items to send back home to loved ones.  In Ted’s case he took a small piece of a window from that B-25. Using a pen knife to shape it and a piece of wool to polish it he fashioned a small heart. He sent that heart to his sweetheart Ilene Summers in Michigan. When he returned home in late 1944 they married.

     The picture you see here is that heart made from a tiny piece of that B-25 Mitchell. It’s a little bit of WWII history, a little bit of the B-25’s history, and a little bit of my parent’s history.    
                                           Alan Francoeur

August 18, 2010

Indianapolis Aero Club Scholarship Winner: Jon Nance

The Indianapolis Aero Club recently sent Jon Nance to Space Camp in Alabama.  Jon was present at our last meeting, the picnic at Indianapolis Executive Airport, on August 10.  Jon was kind enough to send us links to all of his pictures from Space Camp:

Jon's camera:

Space Camp Cameras:

Jon also delivered a very well prepared thank you speech, and he was kind enough to send us a copy of the speech so we could post it and share it with those unable to attend.  We look forward to hearing future success stories from Jon.

Jon's speech:

How many 17 year olds do you know that can say they know what it feels like to be in microgravity?

Can say they’ve overcome their greatest fears to the point of being fearless?

Can say they’ve hand built and lithium hydroxide canister out of spare parts on an international space station?

Have breathed underwater?

Have made the greatest friends of their lives… most not even from this country?

Have their eyes opened up to a point beyond belief- to be open minded and respectful of cultures they never thought of before?

Have built a rocket, a fireproof shield, a couple parachutes, an unbreakable bridge- all with household materials?

Have felt 4 g’s of force on their body?

Have found their passion that they’ve never thought they would ever be passionate about?

How many do you know?

Ok, now how many do you know did it all in 7 days? Well, now you know one.

UPCOMING EVENTS @ Indy Exec: August 26, 2010

Eagle Flyers Inc




On Thursday, August 26th and Friday, August 27th


Eagle Flyers, Inc. and Montgomery Aviation invite you to experience General Aviation at its best in two very different ways.


Cirrus SR20 Demo Days


Sr20.2Cirrus Aircraft will be on hand to re-introduce the SR20 to you!  Whether you're a new pilot looking for the perfect plane for your private and instrument training, a CFI hoping to better understand the capabilities of this exciting aircraft, or someone looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest general aviation has to offer in modern avionics and amenities - this opportunity is for you. 


Demonstration Flights will be held:


Thursday, August 26, 2010                                              RESERVE YOUR DEMO SLOT TODAY:

3:00 PM - 8:00 PM                                                              Email Carl Winkler or Michelle Dannels


Friday, August 27, 2010

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Presentation by Aerobatic Performer Jacquie Warda


Jacquie 2Come and hear the amazing story of Jacquie Warda and see her Pitts S-1T "Red Eagle".  Jacquie has performed in over 100 air shows from coast to coast over the last six years and has competed four times in the Reno Air Races.  What is even more amazing is that she didn't begin her aerobatic flying career until she was 50.  You can learn more about Jacquie at her website - or better yet - come see her at Indy Exec.


Come hear from Jacquie and see her one-of-a-kind plane:


Thursday, August 26, 2010

6:30 PM

Indianapolis Executive Conference Room


Both events will be held at:
Indianapolis Executive Airport [KTYQ]
Montgomery Aviation 
11329 East State Road 32

(6 1/2 miles West of 31 & 2 1/2 miles East of 421)
Zionsville, IN 46077



August 5, 2010

August 10, 2010 Meeting: Picnic w/Indiana Air Search and Rescue

The Indianapolis Aero Club welcomes Indiana Air Search and Rescue and their UH-1 helicopter for the August 10th meeting.

Location:  Indianapolis Executive Airport, 11329 E State Road 32, Zionsville, IN 46077
Date: August 10, 2010

Picnic: 6:00 pm
- Speaker:  7:00 pm
Cost - $10.00 

Please RSVP to: John Brill
H: 317-877-7777  C: 317-501-8610

Mail to: 
107-A Knoll Ct,  Noblesville, IN 46062