February 5, 2013


The Indianapolis AERO Club will be awarding two scholarships during the summer of 2013 for students who think they may be interested in Aeronautical Engineering. One scholarship will be awarded for one of the two sessions at the EAA Air Academy at Oshkosh, WI (July 23-31 or Aug 2-10, 2013) (world’s greatest fly-in) and one scholarship will be awarded for one of the several sessions during the summer of 2013 at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center at Huntsville, AL. These scholarships include all food and lodging costs of the aviation camps. Transportation to and from the camps is the responsibility of the winning candidate’s parents. Either scholarship winning candidate, whether it be at Oshkosh or Huntsville will be exposed to the wonders of the field of Aeronautics and will begin to understand the importance of quick, sound decision making.

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