October 11, 2021

Meeting November 9, 2021


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We will be meeting in November with a full agenda!!!!!

Greetings Aero Club members

We have decided not to meet in October but will have a packed agenda for November.  With that said our speaker will be Aaron Huffman, an accomplished Osprey pilot who will have plenty to tell us about that complicated aircraft and more.  

November will also bring us to election time.  If you want to run for office please let me know via email (you should have a letter in your email inbox if you are a member).  I will add you to the ballet.  Our current board has indicated at this point they plan to remain if you will have them.  If I hear otherwise I will let you know.

Also, there will be a few things coming in your mailbox.  One is a survey that I hope you will take a few minutes to answer.  It will be less than 5 questions but very important.  

Also it is dues time.   Our club has been running lean since we did not charge dues this year but it is time to pay dues again.  Keep your eye on your mailbox for renewal materials.    

Finally your October newsletter is in final draft and will be published soon.  
We are entering a busy season and look forward to your participation.  See you soon.