January 30, 2010

Dick Curtis to speak Feb 9 at Indianapolis Aero Club

The Indianapolis Aero Club will host Dick Curtis on Feb 9, 2010 at their monthly meeting. Mr. Curtis will be talking to the club about his experiences during World War II. Here is an excerpt from one write up on his book:

Book: Dumb But Lucky!: Confessions Of A P-51 Fighter Pilot In World War II - Second Lieutenant Dick Curtis arrived in Italy in May 1944- twenty years old and part of a shipment of P-51 Mustang fighter pilots so desperately needed that they were rushed into combat with less than thirty hours of flight time in their new high-performance aircraft. Six of the twelve pilots assigned to the 52nd Fighter Group were shot down in the first two weeks. By his ninth mission, Curtis was the only one still flying. A maverick, he barely escaped court-martial with his high-flying antics. Escorting bombers sent to pound heavily defended oil fields was risky enough, but strafing the enemy supply lines, ports, and airfields was even more dangerous. Curtis may chalk up his success to dumb luck, but these missions took exceptional skill and courage. This hair-raising account captures the air war in all its split-second terror and adrenaline-pumping action.

 The meeting will take place at the Marten House, 1801 W. 86th St, Indianapolis, IN.  

Below is a picture of Dick Curtis meeting Max Moga at the 2008 Indianapolis Air Show.  Maj. Moga was the F-22 Raptor pilot at the air show that year.