September 8, 2010

From the Inbox: IAC Member Collegiate winner of Air Race Classic

We're always glad to get emails like this in the Inbox about Indianapolis Aero Club Members!

Indy Aero Club Members,

I would like you to be aware of some BIG NEWS regarding member Kaitlin Mroz and the Womens Air Race Classic 2010.  This year was Kaitlin's third year participating on Purdue's team.  She was one of the seniors on the ground crew.

Of all 58 participating teams regardless of class, Purdue placed 4th overall.  Of all collegiate teams, Purdue WON THE COMPETITION, coming in FIRST PLACE.    Purdue beat out second place collegiate Indiana State (8th place overall), third place Southern Illinois (9th place overall), and fourth place Embry Riddle (10th place overall).

She attended the closing ceremonies and awards banquet in Frederick, Maryland with other teammates and received the trophy for the team.  In the press conference, the pilots credited their win to the superioir performance of the ground crew to navigate them around some pretty bad weather.

Another interesting side note,  one of the pilots for Indiana State University's team who finished second of all collegiate teams, Kay Brown, has been freinds with Kaitlin for approximately 15 years as they grew up only blocks away in Avon.  Kay recognized her passion to fly and took flight lessons because of Kaitlin's passion for flight.  I am proud of both these young women!

Kaitlin will never brag on herself, but it is a HUGE VICTORY not only for Purdue, but for the Indy Aero Club and I believe all members will enjoy the news!

Attached is a picture for your pleasure. Kaitlin is in the gold shirt on the far left.

Best regards,

Richard Mroz

Another note:  Some members might remember that Kaitlin won the Indy Aero Club scholarship to the Space Academy a few years back!